Special Olympics Concessions

Special Olympics 11.6.21b

The WBL Lions Club provides concession services for the Special Olympics events at the White Bear Lake (WBL) South campus which is operated and stocked by the WBL Lions Club. The concession stand is solely managed and run by WBL Lions club volunteers that provide many hours of service where proceeds are returned to the WBL community. The concession stand includes items such as cold and hot beverages, hotdogs, nachos with hot cheese, chips, popcorn, and candy. The concession stand serves customers include sporting fans, family, and athletes during the Special Olympic athletic events. The club also opens the concession stand for many events such as Track meets in the spring, the Relay for Life, Soccer and Football Games, and any other time the school has an event and requests the Lions to open it. The club proudly serves this event to support the WBL community.

Special Olympics Event: Punt, Pass, and Kick

  • Flag football skills
  • An estimated over 100 participants


WBL High School South Campus 3551 McKnight Rd N, White Bea rLake

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