Foundation Grant Procedure and Request Form

What is The Foundation?

The White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2014.  The Foundation’s purpose is to provide funds to organizations and individuals in four key areas of service.

The mission of the White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation is: To receive charitably gifted funds, invest and manage these funds, and to provide a financial support to those meeting one or more of the key areas of service.

Guidelines for awarding grants

  1. The grant awards will generally be in the following four key areas of service:
  • Saving Sight, Hearing and Health
  • Serving Youth
  • Providing Disaster Relief
  • Meeting Humanitarian Needs
  1. The following activities are generally not fundable through the White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation:
  • Organizations or individuals outside White Bear Lake and it’s immediate neighboring communities
  • Political activities
  • Routine budgetary items
  1. All grants must be submitted by e-mail or printed out and mailed on the White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation Grant Request Form.

WBL Lions Foundation Grant Application Form

Grant request submission and evaluation process

 The grant request submission and evaluation process, which incorporates four grant collection and funding decision dates each calendar year, has been approved by the White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation Board of Directors. The process is described below.

  1. Grant requests must be submitted by mail or electronically using the downloadable Foundation Grant Request Form.  See form attached   (or see White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation web site for downloadable form. )
  1. Grant funding decisions will be made by the White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation Board following grant submission deadlines of March 31st, June 30th, Sept. 30th, and Dec. 31st.
  1. The Foundation President will review grant requests as they are received for

completeness. Funding decisions on grant requests will be deferred until after

completion of the following steps:

  1. Following the grant submission deadlines of March 31st, June 30th, Sept. 30th, and Dec. 31st, the Grant Request Approval Committee (GRAC) will review grant requests and determine whether further information is needed. Grant requestors may be asked to make a presentation to GRAC to help clarify the Board’s understanding of the grant request. After receiving further information, or if further information is not needed, GRAC will make a recommendation to the WBL Lions Club Foundation Board.
  2. The Foundation Board President will electronically forward the list of grant requests for consideration of funding, along with copies of the corresponding grant requests, to the Foundation Board by Jan. 15th, April 15th, July 15th, or Oct. 15th.
  3. The Foundation Board will review the grant requests within two weeks and make final funding decisions.
  4. Grant requestors will be notified of the Board’s funding decisions by the President of the Foundation Board or the President’s designee.
  1. At the discretion of the Foundation Board, requestors of non-funded grant requests

submitted during the designated award period in each fiscal year may be encouraged to resubmit their requests for reconsideration during another award period.

  1. In the event that a grant request is made under extenuating circumstances, the WBL Lions Club Foundation Board may decide to hold a special meeting for grant consideration. Upon

the consensus of a majority of the Board, they may make a funding decision on the

extenuating grant request at any time during the year.

  1. Grant recipients are requested to report outcomes and share pictures (if possible) or other results of the grant within a year of receiving the grant and annually for multi-year grants. The submission of photos constitutes permission for the Foundation to use such photos for marketing, advertising or other Foundation related publications and purposes.

If you have any questions about the grant submission and evaluation process, please contact

the President of the White Bear Lake Lions Club Foundation at:


Phone: 651-426-5199

Mail: WBL Lions Club Foundation, 2228 4th Street, White Bear Lake, MN  55110

Lions website:


Foundation Grant Request Form:

WBL Lions Foundation Grant Application Form

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