Soldiers Memorial Flag Pole Project

The White Bear Lake Lions Club and it’s Foundation are leading the fundraising for the revitalization of the White Bear Lake Flagpole located on Hwy 61 in downtown White Bear Lake.  To make a donation, click on the link below:

In the fall of 1939, the Press ran an article entitled “Why Not A Public Flag Pole”. The article encouraged all of the patriotic, enterprising citizens of White Bear and surrounding communities, the various organizations and all will be requested to join in making contributions to the fund.

In late October or early November 1939, funds totaling $365.50 were raised of which $349.72 was needed to purchase the flag pole, two flags, erect, weld, paint, and do all the necessary cement, stone work and landscaping around the base of the flag pole.

On November 11, 1939, (Armistice Day) now Veterans Day – saw the accomplishment of the erection and dedication of the soldier’s memorial flag pole and flags and the presentation of them to Mayor C.E. Buckbee who accepted them in the name of The City of White Bear Lake.

Throughout the winter of 1939, and the spring of 1940, the final work on the cement base, stone wall and benches were completed with the aid of a Wigwam that was built around the flag pole to keep the area warm so the stone masons can complete the stone wall which will surround the base.

               The WPA (Work Progress Administration) was in charge of all the work on the project.

At the formal dedication in Washington Park on May 31, 1940, (Decoration Day) now Memorial Day, a copper data box was placed in the corner stone and covered by the WPA stone plaque. The flag pole is located at the N.E. corner of 3rd Street and Highway 61 in front of the Premier Bank cash machine.

The White Bear Lake Lions Club & its Foundation have taken the lead on a refurbishing project designed to rebuild the flag pole and its area back to its original state. As in the original project, we will be reaching out to the citizens and organizations of our community to help fund this project.

Our Project is:

               To restore the Soldier’s Memorial flag pole back to its original state.


               The Flag Pole, its base, surrounding stone work, and grounds have become very tired, and as it was dedicated as a tribute to all solders in any wars, the Lions think this would be a great project that we can get the citizens, as well as the business community, involved in. Granted it is an expensive endeavor, but what price can one put on our soldiers commitment to keeping our country out of harm’s way. This is a small but important way that we as citizens of White Bear Lake can show our appreciation and respect to those soldiers that have served our City, State and Country over the past years and into the future.


               The original cost back in 1939 was a large sum of $349.72. This was a large amount in 1939 and most People could only afford the large sum of $1 to $2 dollars.

Today’s cost to replace the flag pole, its base and repair or replace the current stone wall and benches as well as redo the landscaping will be between $62,000 and $70,000. We have current estimates that reflect this.

It is estimated that the White Bear Lake community is made up of at least 10,000 households. If every household were to donate at least $5 toward this project we would have an estimated $50,000 donated. If we could encourage the business community to donate at least $100 per business, we could meet our goal.


Time Frame:

               We would like to duplicate this project and have most of the fundraising done by the end of July of 2017. Start the refurbishing as soon as possible and be done for a dedication on either Veterans Day November 11, 2017, or at the latest, on Memorial Day May 28, 2018.

To make a donation, click on the link below: